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Who invented VHS?

This Question popped into my head while pondering the difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD. I remember when video first came out there was a war between the Sony Betamax, VHS (MORE)
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Why did they invent the VHS?

They invented the VHS as a way for people to watch movies at home  after they had left the movie theater. Later on, they were replaced  by the dvd, and now most people watch (MORE)

Why are there no more VHS?

  There are no more VHS videos due to the increase in production and popularity of the DVD format of films. Also, downloading is a major factor in the decrease of certain (MORE)

Inventor of VHS?

The company JVC (Victor Company of Japan, Ltd) developed the VHS format, introducing the first VHS recorders to the consumer market in 1977.
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Vhs to YouTube?

3 steps... 1. change the vhs to a DVD 2. download the DVD on your computer 3. upload to youtube

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What is VHS tapes?

Video Home System, better known as VHS, is a video tape recording standard developed during the 1970s.
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What do VHS tapes do?

The video cassette recorder, also known as VCR is a electronic device capable of recording t.v. programs live and taped. It can also record satellite, cable, on demand program (MORE)