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What is the difference between vs and via?

The abbreviation 'vs' is for the word 'versus'. Versus means 'as opposed to', or against. Via is from the Latin meaning through, or path. There is a road in Rome called the Vi (MORE)

What does via mean in Latin?

Via in Latin was the word for a road or way. For example, the road we call the Appian Way was known to the ancient Romans as Via Appia. When used in the ablative case (viā), (MORE)

What is via?

via means through. better yet, it also means by way of. it was derived from the latin word "via" meaning Road
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What is via mail?

Via mail means that something was sent using the US Postal Service.  Via Mail means by using any of the services that the USPS uses.

Temperate viruses reproduce via the?

The lysogynistic cycle where they insert their DNA/RNA into the hosts genetic material for many rounds of their own replication along with the hosts replication.
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What does Via Appia mean in Latin?

Via Appia is the Latin name for the road we know as the Appian Way, an ancient Roman road running from Rome to Brindisi. It was named after Appius Claudius Caecus, a Roman cen (MORE)

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