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Does a vibraphone vibrate?

  Answer   No ... it uses aluminum bars at varying lengths and sizes to produce different notes. The sound resonates or sustains as long as the pedal is held down.
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What is a vibraphone?

A vibraphone is a percussion musical instrument that has a double  row of metal bars that are tuned. It is similar to the shape of a  xylophone. It is also called vibes or v (MORE)

How is the music notation written for the vibraphone?

The music for a vibraphone is written like the music for, say, a violin. It is generally in treble clef, although some vibraphones have notes low enough for bass clef. Slurs c (MORE)

What is the difference between a vibraphone and xylophone?

Xylophone bars are made of wood or fibreglass, but vibraphone bars are metal (usually steel). Vibraphones have little flaps in the resonators, which are mounted on a shaft. W (MORE)

How do you play the vibraphone?

The vibraphone is a mallet percussion instrument that consists of metal bars tuned to different notes. The player strikes the keys with yarn or cord mallets while pressing dow (MORE)

Is a Vibraphone and Xylophone similar instruments?

Vibraphones and Xylophones are very similar in that they are both mallet percussion instruments: keys of various pitches are struck with mallets. Vibraphones, however, have a (MORE)

How long is a vibraphone?

About 1.5 meters depending on model and pitch range. The modern standard Vibe is 3 octaves. In example the 'Thomann Vibraphone THV 3.0' is a 3 octave instrument with an overal (MORE)