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How many octaves is a vibraphone?

It depends on the vibraphone, but the standard vibraphone is 3 octaves, from F to F.
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Is a Vibraphone and Xylophone similar instruments?

Vibraphones and Xylophones are very similar in that they are both mallet percussion instruments: keys of various pitches are struck with mallets. Vibraphones, however, have a (MORE)

Does a vibraphone vibrate?

  Answer   No ... it uses aluminum bars at varying lengths and sizes to produce different notes. The sound resonates or sustains as long as the pedal is held down.
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What are the similarities between a vibraphone and xylophone?

Both have relatively shortresonators and they usually share the same octal range. However, Vibes are made of metal and have a foot - controlled dampening bar to stop the notes (MORE)

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