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Where can you get a fox?

There are breeders all around the US that sell all different species of domesticated fox. Do some research online to find one, but first, make sure that owning this exotic pet (MORE)

Can a fox eat larger foxes?

Technically yes, but only piece by piece over time, however foxes do not cannibalize each other. Generally the only time a fox would intentionaly kill another would be if it h (MORE)

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What did Vicente Fox do for Mexico?

Not much. Cold numbers speak for themselves:     Mexican GDP growth during his term (2000 - 2006) averaged  2.2%  Real wages decreased 3.8% to US$7.07 per day, from (MORE)
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What is a fox?

Heyy Fox (animal), smallest member of the dog family, which also includes wolves, coyotes, jackals, and dogs. Foxes are characterized by short legs, an elongated narrow muzzle (MORE)