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What was life like in Vichy France during World War 2?

  This question is a bit broad, but maybe a question about "life" should start with food. Food was a serious issue, b/c there were serious shortages. The Vichy gov't insti (MORE)

What is the Monetary of France?

It is the Euro. It used to be the French franc, but as with most countries in the European Union, they switched to the Euro in 2002; by 2005, the coins could no longer be used (MORE)
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What is the definition of Vichy France?

  Vichy France is a popular allied propaganda term for France occupied by Nazi Germany from about l940-44. The French did NOT use the term, it was coined by Churchill, it (MORE)

What did Vichy France have to do with World War 2?

  Vichy France was the small puppet state that Germany set up to get France to think they were free. However, this plan back fired as the people of Vichy France rebelled a (MORE)

Does France have Christmas?

Do bears... Yes, of course. About half the population sees it as what it is, the birthday of our Lord; and the other half takes the day off, has a big meal, and sends itself N (MORE)
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What is the perimeter of France?

It is actually 4134 km, the border of France.     Sources:Google Earth Ruler Tool, traced around France border
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Is there a Walmart in France?

No. Walmart does not have locations in France. Walmart operates  over 11,000 retail units under 71 banners in 27 countries, but  France is not one of them.
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What represents France?

Here are just a few of what I think represents France... French Stick (Baguette)Beret (Hat)CheeseChocolate Bread (The Breakfast Kind)Eiffel TowerCroissant (Another Breakfast B (MORE)

How many US troops died at the hands of Vichy French forces?

During Operation Torch - the invasion of French North Africa - British and US troops fought against the French Armee d'Afrique who were under the command of Vichy France - whi (MORE)
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Is France the same as New France?

No. France is a country in Europe. New France was the colonial part of North America that France controlled from 1534 to 1763.
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