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Who is the Victor of trafalgar?

The British, led by Admiral Horatio Nelson, won at the October 21, 1805, Battle of Trafalgar. Nelson's 27 ships were matched against the the combined French and Spanish fleets (MORE)

Where is Costa Rica located relative?

Costa Ricais in the middle of the Central American isthmus. It limits to the East and Northeast with the Caribbean Sea; to the West and South with the Pacific Ocean; to the So (MORE)

What does the flag of Costa Rica mean?

  Costa Rican flag has 3 colors, it was inspired directly from the flag of France. The blue color represents the blue sky, the white color represents the peace, and fina (MORE)

What are some Costa Rican dinners?

Casado is a traditional and popular Costa Rican dinner. It combines  a variety of foods such as rice, vegetables, and meat. Some other  dinners you will find in Costa Rica i (MORE)

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What is Costa Rica's Monetary Unit?

The Costa Rica currency is the colón (CRC). The plural is colones and the symbol is ₡. (Instead of seeing prices like "$15" you would see them as "₡15".) The exchange rat (MORE)

What does Costa Rica grow?

Coffee Tomatoes Peppers (Spicy) Bananas Pineapples Guaba
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What is a victors peace?

A victor's peace is peace enforced on terms of the victorious side, e.g., the Treaty of Versailles signed at the end of WWI that crippled Germany.
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What kinds of livestock does Costa Rica have?

Costa Rica has quite a few kinds of livestock. These include pigs,  goats, and poultry. There are also some instances of cattle, but  cattle farms are becoming few and far b (MORE)

What does Costa Ricans make?

costarica is manely hot but near winter the climite bilds and tends to go they neaever wore worm clothes as they only ahd a rough amount of clothing they went colder (MORE)