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What does siren have to do with mythology?

  it is not "the" siren, its a race of monsters in ancient mythology who seduced sailors with songs of their greatest desires so they would go ashore and the sirens would (MORE)

Why does mythology exist?

It exists as a explanation to the phenomena that happened in the  ancient days, and also as a story that could have a good moral for  life.   The main reason why mytholo (MORE)

What is mythology?

Dictionary: the body of stories associated with a culture or institution or person. ---- Technically speaking, "mythology" is a collection of stories that serve as explana (MORE)

What does Tantalize have to do with mythology?

Tantalize comes from Tantalus who was a king that was loved by the gods and invited to parties with them, but then he offended them because he feed his own son to the gods as (MORE)

Is mythology fake?

In Ancient Greece, their Mythology wasn't myth, in their time, it was as much a religion as Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic faiths are today. Technically, the Greeks Gods a (MORE)

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What are realms in mythology?

realms are different places of another planet like have you herd of a dimension that is what a realms are only a witch or warlock can take you there you can become one yoursel (MORE)

Where is Victoria?

1. Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia. It is located in the southeast of the country. 2. Victoria is also the capital city of British Columbia which is l (MORE)

What in mythology were the nymphs?

Nymphs were the inhabitants of trees, bodies of water and anything related to nature. Nymphs were said to be children of Zeus, the highest of the gods in Greek Mythology.
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