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What is copyright for video?

Video carries the same copyright as any other work: it is protected for the life of the creator plus 70 years. Works of corporate authorship are protected for 95 years after p (MORE)
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What does a video amplifier do?

A video amplifier is a device that accepts a single input signal and provides this same signal to multiple isolated outputs. These devices are important because they allow sig (MORE)

How do you get a video game video on YouTube?

First you need to have a youtube channel. Go to your bar on top and  create an account. Then you'll need to download software to record  like : OBS, ScreencastOtomatic. you (MORE)

Where to get 3gp videos?

3GP video is a format the comes from mobile phones. If you want to get video back into 3gp format, you will need a video converter. If you are just trying to get the video bac (MORE)

How do you video download?

Very easy for u to use E.M. Youtube video download tool. It works great and easy to use. And can also download, convert, burn,search, repair and play any youtube video. http:/ (MORE)

How can you get in a music video?

You have to go to a firm that is involved with hiring dancers, choreographers, or acting. Contact entertainment agencies, talent agents, etc.
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What is video controler?

  if you mean a video game controller, it is a kind of remote for a certain game system   which you use to play games with. if you mean a video controller it can also (MORE)

Where can you edit your videos?

You can edit your videos in   iFastime Video Converter Ultimate, EDIUS, fcp x, Premiere Pro cc,  Camtasia,   1. Free software embeded on your system, like windows mov (MORE)