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What is a video?

Answer . A video is a special feature. It is an entertainment that people enjoy. A video can be short or long, a preview or movie...It can be sad and happy or weird and st (MORE)
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Where can you get videos at?

You can record your own or get them of someone else but you have to have the copyright in words for people to read.

How to get a video from a video camera to iMovie?

After connecting your camera to your mac (refer to help if required), open iMovie then click on file>import from camera (Apple+i). On the list box down the bottom of the impor (MORE)

How do you get a video game video on YouTube?

First you need to have a youtube channel. Go to your bar on top andcreate an account. Then you'll need to download software to recordlike : OBS, ScreencastOtomatic. you can fi (MORE)

Is videos video games?

They are because it is made out of a disc video they just put good things to make it to be played by the way I'm ten 8)