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What is Video on demand in multimedia technology?

Video on Demand (VoD) is an interactive multimedia system that works like cable Television, the difference being that the customer can select a movie from a large video databa (MORE)
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Where can someone download video on demand software?

One could download video on demand software from the World Wide Web. The best website to download on demand software would be either cnet or sourceforge becuase of their relia (MORE)

What is SVOD or Subscription Video on Demand?

It is one of the many on-line streaming services, like Netflix,  Amazon ,& Hulu Plus, which allows you to watch as much  "on-demand" video programming ( as oppose to live pr (MORE)

Are video game developers in high demand?

Yes i believe that game designers are high in demand these days especially because the gaming industry still has room for growth and is still an emerging market and technologi (MORE)

Why is the demand of transportation a derived demand?

The demand for transportation is said to be "derived" because the large majority of travel is not for the purposes of movement, but in order to reach destinations. When demand (MORE)

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