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What is videoconferencing?

Videoconferencing is a method of communication that enables a virtual presence when two people are incapable of meeting at the same location. Usually, you're in a room with th ( Full Answer )
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of videoconferencing?

1. Improve ROI + Help the Environment by Reducing Travel Not only are you saving yourself time and money, you're also helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions when ( Full Answer )
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What are disadvantages of videoconferencing?

Technology can fail or systems may crash/go off-line . Have to give extra training to use the Equipment . Need to employ somebody to set up and maintain Equipment. . Time z ( Full Answer )
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Why there is need of videoconferencing?

Video conferencing can allow people in two very distant locations to have a conversation or meeting on a very short notice. Its advantage over a phone or web conference is tha ( Full Answer )
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What are the benefits of videoconferencing?

small and large groups of people share presentations and documents in real time over the Web. The services also deliver handy tools for collaboration, including chat rooms, wh ( Full Answer )
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What does videoconferencing entail?

Both individuals are shown simultaneously or alternately on the screen. The advantage of videoconferencing over audio conferencing is that individuals can see as well as hear ( Full Answer )
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How is videoconferencing for sales advantageous?

When conducting the sales presentation at the customer's location, a sales representative with videoconferencing equipment on a laptop computer can connect the customer with s ( Full Answer )
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What exactly does videoconferencing entail?

Videoconferencing is the modern way by which companies and their employees communicate when some of the people concerned are not in the same room or city or even the same coun ( Full Answer )