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Who invented the videotape?

Alexander M. Poniatoff, Russian inventor who started off making curling tongs and branding them as machines made by Ampex (His initials plus "ex" for excellence invented a way (MORE)
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Who invented videotapes?

The video tape was invented by Charles Ginsburg. Him and a team ofengineers then developed the videotape recorder at Ampex.

How do you videotape Minecraft?

You can buy FRAPS witch is a very good recorder. here is a list of others: .Camstudio .Hypercam .Camtasia (I don't know how to spell it, sorry) .Bandicam and thats it. H (MORE)

How do you videotape on the 3ds?

You can record video from the Nintendo 3DS Camera application by tapping the video camera button on the top of the touch screen, next to the "R - Shoot" button.
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Is videotapes a noun?

Yes, the word 'videotapes' is the plural for of the noun'videotape', a common, concrete noun; a word for magnetic tape onwhich pictures and sound can be recorded; a word for a (MORE)