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How is videotape technology and improvement over cinematography?

video tachnology allows an artist to create a visual story or communicate a message. Also, video can be combined with computer software and systems to create artwork never bef (MORE)

Is it illegal to videotape in a store?

No, it is not illegal to video tape in a store. Keep in mind however that the store is private property and if an employee (a representative of the owner) asks you to stop or (MORE)

Can your spouse videotape you or tape record your phone calls without your consent?

There are 12 States in the U.S. That requires ALL parties involved in the conversation (All Party Consent) to be made aware that the conversation is being recorded. These Stat (MORE)

Do you have the right to refuse being videotaped during a deposition?

Yes you do. You also have the right to refuse the deposition if a tape recorder is present without first obtaining permission to use one. Whoever is holding the deposition, mu (MORE)