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Why did the Vietnam war change history?

  To the world, it showed that the US would use force to stop the spread of communism. In the US it resulted in 18 year old US citizens being given the right to vote, as t (MORE)

Who owned Vietnam in the Vietnam War?

France owned Vietnam until they pulled out in the 1950's, and the US stepped in. After that, Vietnam was divided like Korea into Communist North and non-Communist South, but N (MORE)

Was there a war in the 1960s?

Yes, there were several wars - The Cold War (1945-1991) and the Vietnam War (1959-1975) primarily, but also the Middle East War, that flared in June 1967 by Israel's preemptiv (MORE)

What happen to Vietnam after the Vietnam war?

  After the war, N. and S. Vietnam became one unified communist country, Vietnam.
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How did the Vietnam War change society?

  18 year old people can vote now. Young men don't have to worry about being taken (drafted) from their wives and children, or college, or their civilian careers.
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How has the Vietnam war changed soldiers lives?

  American Servicemen faced rejected from their fellow countrymen in the US Civil War and Vietnam War. The term "American Servicemen" refers to the Confederate servicemen (MORE)

Vietnam and the Vietnam war?

Vietnam is a communist country since 1975. Prior to 1975 there were two Vietnams; a NORTH and a SOUTH Vietnam. Those two nations fought from about 1955 until 1975, with the (MORE)