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What is vietnamese?

A vietnamese person is a person that is asian and that is usually born in Viet NamANSWER Vietnamese means people who are ware born in Vietnam. Vietnamese is a main language in (MORE)

What is how are you in Vietnamese?

khỏe không? Are you well (v. familiar)?   [Name] khỏe không? Are you well ([Name] of good friend)?   Anh có khỏe không? Are you well (brother)?   Chị có (MORE)
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Did American soldiers carry Vietnamese dictionaries with them during the war?

American soldiers were partially trained in the Vietnam language before they left to fight, but most certainly did use a language dictionary while there. It didn't take them (MORE)

What gun did the north Vietnamese use?

In the early 1960's the NVA used the SKS carbine; later and until the war ended, it was the standard AK-47 assault rifle. These rifles were primarily supplied by the Chinese C (MORE)

What were the Vietnamese soldiers called?

During the Vietnam war, the army of men trying to overthrow the South Vietnamese government were widely known as the Viet Cong by American soldiers and their allies.
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Are the Vietnamese friendly?

Well, I'm Korean and I have absolutely no problems with Viets. I  think that they are friendly and nice. I do have a Viet  friend and she's pretty awesome.
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