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What is vietnamese?

A vietnamese person is a person that is asian and that is usually born in Viet NamANSWER Vietnamese means people who are ware born in Vietnam. Vietnamese is a main language in (MORE)

What is the meaning of the name My Dung in the Vietnamese language?

it is original written as "Mỹ Dung" (spoken as Mee Zung) which is a female name contains two words with different meanings. "Mỹ" means "beauty", "Dung" means "the face" or (MORE)

What is Thank you in Vietnamese?

Improvements: There's no word pronounced "as a question". It is only a tone, noted with the hook diacritic which looks like a tiny question mark (?) without the dot underneat (MORE)

How do you say thank you in Vietnamese language?

cám ơn. Prounce CAM with your voice rising as if you were asking a question. The vowel "ơ" is not in the English language. It is somewhat like the "uh" sound, but not exac (MORE)

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What is how are you in Vietnamese?

khỏe không? Are you well (v. familiar)?   [Name] khỏe không? Are you well ([Name] of good friend)?   Anh có khỏe không? Are you well (brother)?   Chị có (MORE)

What language do Vietnamese people speak?

The language spoken is, and always has been Vietnamese. However for administrative purposes, classical Chinese was used. During French colonisation, French superseded Chinese. (MORE)
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What is i love you in vietnamese?

For a guy to say it to a girl is : Anh Yeu Em   For a girl to say it to a guy is : Em Yeu Anh    Warning this combination of pronouns means romantic love. If  it i (MORE)

What do the Vietnamese do for fun?

During the war, the kids played (laughing, running, probably hide and seek type games, chasing balls, etc.). Adults were busy working, however, during late night patrols and a (MORE)