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How old are the vikings?

  The Vikings are around 13 centurys old they were around from the 8th century til the 11th century.
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Why are vikings called vikings?

Vikings are called "Vikings" because they were a group of Norse  pirates. The Old Norse word for "pirate" or "raider" was "Viking."  When they left home to go raiding, they (MORE)
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What was the name for the vikings before Vikings?

The vikings were just a title or description used only for the people who went aviking. A farmer during the viking age was not a viking. He was a farmer. And most people durin (MORE)
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How did vikings get to heaven?

Vikings don't go to Heaven.In the Norse Mythology, when a viking dies in battle, he is sent to by the Valkyries to Valhalla (Old Norse: Valholl, "hall of the slain"). Failure (MORE)
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Where did the Vikings go?

Lindisfarne monastery, Shetland islands, Orkney islands, all coasts of England, Greenland, Iceland, the kingdom of Wessex.   --    The Vikings sailed most of the No (MORE)

Who were the vikings rivals?

The packers and the bears. The lions not so much. Also the cowboys are kind of their rivals.
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Who were the Vikings?

The people commonly called Vikings were the Norse, a Scandinavian  seafaring people from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. They settled in  Britain, Iceland and Greenland, and la (MORE)

Why were viking swords an advantage to Vikings?

Fuller was great advantage of viking swords. Fuller was used to increase the strength and flexibility of the sword while reducing the weight of the sword at the same time. V (MORE)
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What is a viking and what did they do?

A Viking is a Norsemen, and they were typical men and women who farmed, hunted, and made there own civilization to survive from. Some Vikings would raid different countries (MORE)