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Who were the Vikings?

The people commonly called Vikings were the Norse, a Scandinavianseafaring people from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. They settled inBritain, Iceland and Greenland, and later ma (MORE)
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What did the Vikings do?

The Vikings are a type of pirates and they took over lands. Theydid not only rob and attack people. They were farmers, sailors,traders and more. Some even became imperial guar (MORE)
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What was a viking?

Viking is a name given to some people of Scandinavian and Norse descent who raided and colonized areas of Western Europe from the eighth to the eleventh centuries. All Vikings (MORE)
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How do you be a viking?

Being a Viking means going on raiding expeditions by longboat. That is considered to be terrorism or looting and murder and is no longer an acceptable thing to do.
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What do vikings were?

Look up what type of viking you want, and then search it on ther internet. And, you spell wear w-e-a-r, rather than w-e-r-e,OK??
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What did the vikings do there?

Raped, raided, pillaged, conquered, traded, explored, settled - they were the Jack of all trades... Use your imagination, what would you do if your homeland was overpopulated (MORE)
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Who were the Vikings and where were they from?

The Vikings were an assortment of Norse peoples. They lived invarious lands including modern day countries of Norway, Sweden,Denmark, and parts of Finland. They were generally (MORE)