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The Aston villa badge?

The new Aston Villa badge was launched at the end of the 2006/07 season and features the heraldic emblem "a lion rampant", the club motto "Prepared", the abbreviated name of t (MORE)
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What is polo villae?

Polo Villae is a Chinese store producing clothes and accessories mainly for men in a "polo fashion", i.e. similar to Ralph laurens polo series. Polo Villae is a luxury Chinese (MORE)

Who is better David Villa or Kaka?

David Villa has been in better form for the last couple years like his good performances for Spain in the World Cup, while Kaka has been average. However, in all their career (MORE)

What was pancho villa known for?

    Poncho Villa was a General in one of Mexico's internal rebellions. His army fought with that of General Zapata. They captured the government. Another General kille (MORE)

How can you contact lucha villa?

  leave comments on articles about her get contact whit news articlesand ask for help look for help in foros
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Is Pancho Villa an American hero?

Answer 1: Pancho Villa was a Mexican Revolutionary General and hero to his people. Since his raid on Columbus in 1916, Villa was neither friend nor hero to the US. Answer 2: (MORE)
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What was villa toryism?

Villa Toryism was a result of the 1885 redistribution of seats act which had to be passed if the Liberal party wanted the House of Lords which was dominated by Tories to appro (MORE)

What is the theme of the drama Villa for sale?

The theme of 'villa for sale' is we should not cheat others. Cheating of others means we are cheating ourself. Gaston had made a profit, this shows that we need to be proffess (MORE)

Which Germans have played for Aston villa?

  Thomas Hitzelsperger played for Villa in the Premiership around the turn of the century. he signed as a 16 year old and left a few seasons ago to play for Stuttgart.  (MORE)