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Where is schengen village?

The village of Schengen in Luxembourg, on the border with both France and Germany. This is where the original Schengen Agreement was signed.
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What are the problems of villages?

electricity,poverty,water supply,hygenic conditions,roads,unemployment etc are sm of the problems that indian villages are still facing today...

How do you marry a women in a village and what village do you get them in?

The first thing you need to do is go to the priest of Mara in Riften and talk to him about marraige. He'll sell you an amulet of Mara that will let people know you are interes (MORE)

What village is Deidara from?

Deidara who is a member of the akatsuki is from the Hidden Village of rock. You can tell by looking at his headband.
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What is the movie the village about?

It is about a blind girl who takes the risk of going through mysterious woods full of horrific creatures to save her true love. I think it is a very intriguing movie. It is wo (MORE)
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Is village a noun?

Yes, the word 'village' is a noun, a word for a very small  town; a word for a place.
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Can you customize your villagers on virtual villagers?

In Virtual Villagers 3 you can change their clothes ( If you have built the clothing hut ). Other than that there isn't any other way to customize them i am not sure but on (MORE)

What is a complex village?

A complex village is more advanced than a simple village. A complex village has public buildings, advanced technology, social classes, and much more. Social classes are groups (MORE)