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How is Odysseus a villain?

Odysseus, though he is supposed to be the hero, is arrogant and  bloodthirsty. He goes to war with Troy, despite the fact that the  Trojans offer no real threat to Ithaca, e (MORE)

What is a Machiavellian villain?

A Machiavellian villain is a character portrayed in literature who  is in a sense a "puppet master". He uses other "tool villains" in  order to get what he desires. A Machia (MORE)

Who are the Disney villains?

The Walt Disney Company has a list of 38 characters who are usually used on "Disney Villain" merchandise. . Amos Slade, The Fox and The Hound . Aunt Sarah and Si & Am, (MORE)

Who was the villain in goldfinger?

  oddjob is he villain   The villain was Auric Goldfinger played by Gert Frobe. His assistant with the lethal hat was Oddjob played by Harold Sakata.
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What rhymes with villain?

The US pronunciation of the word "villain" is villen, which has no common rhymes except "penicillin." However, many -ing forms of verbs can be pronounced to rhyme with villain (MORE)

What is a villain?

A villain is an evildoer, a bad guy, or an antagonist, an enemy. The term derives from "free" vassals (villeins) in feudal Europe who were answerable only to the feudal lord (MORE)

Why was cromwell a villain?

Oliver Cromwell is considered avillain in England for a few reasons. First of all, he committed regicide, or to put it simply, he beheaded King Charles I. Many people didn't l (MORE)
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Why was Macbeth a villain?

Macbeth was a villain, because he thought only of himself and his wife. He was ruthless and dictatorial. He sought what he wanted without regard for the feelings, opinions, pa (MORE)