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What is a villain?

A villain is an evildoer, a bad guy, or an antagonist, an enemy. The term derives from "free" vassals (villeins) in feudal Europe who were answerable only to the feudal lor (MORE)

Who is the villain in Pinocchio?

There are 3 villains in the movie Pinocchio. J. Worthington Foul-fellow the fox with his his cat friend Gideon. They led Pinocchio to the theater see Stromboli. Foul-fellow (MORE)

How was Napoleon a villain?

Which Pantheon he really belongs in may remain subject to debate even 200 years after the fact. Perhaps he was a good man capable of villainous actions or a great man subject (MORE)
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What do villains wear?

Villains wear black but sometimes they wear different colours so they are not identified, but thats only when they are out. But most of the time they all wear black or dark co (MORE)
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What are the names of villains?

Lord Voldemort(Tom Marvolo Riddle) Bellatrix Lestrange Lucius Malfoy Narcissa Malfoy Bartemius Crouch Peter Pettigrew Cornelius Fudge etc.
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How do you become a villain?

There are many ways to become a villain. They vary from saying hurtful and public things during times when society is very sensitive to becoming a mass murderer. Here is a lis (MORE)

Who are the villains on super villain island?

The villains being experimented on are Binary Bard (aka Mordred, Astro Knights island) Captain Crawfish (Skullduggery Island) Black Widow (Counterfeit Island) Dr. Hare (MORE)