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What is vilnius?

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania, one of the Baltic states and a former state of the Soviet Union.
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How many people live in Vilnius?

The population of Vilnius, Lithuania is 553 880 large.. Men - 252,464 (45.58%). Women - 301,440 (54.42%)
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Where is vilnius?

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. It's a city in SY (South East) of Lithuania. There flows the river Neris, one of the biggest rivers in Lithuania.
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Where is Vilnius the Lithuanian capital?

Vilnius lies in the southeastern quadrant of the country of Lithuania, about 30km from the border with Belarus.
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Latitude and longitude of vilnius Lithuania?

Vilnius, Lithuania is located at 54.6833° N, 25.2833° E. It islocated in Northwestern Europe and is a very small country.
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How long is the drive from Paris to Vilnius?

The distance between Paris, France, and Vilnius in Lithuania is 2200 km, of which 1500 on motorways. This is a 23-hour driving time (rest periods not included)
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What attractions are there in Vilnius?

You can see the palace of the Grand Dukes, the museum of genocidevictims, Gedimina's Castle and Vilnius Cathedral.
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What is the nearest beach to Vilnius in Lithuania?

If you mean a seaside beach then there are two major ones: Palanga and Nida. The first one is more popular, noisy and cheap. The second one is smaller, located in a national p ( Full Answer )
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How many people are in vilnius?

Vilnius is a city that is located in Lithuania. It is the capital city. Vilnius got its' name from the Vilnia River.As of 2011, there were 523,050 people living in the city of ( Full Answer )