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What can you do with a minor in psychology?

A minor would only complement a major, such as a degree in Criminal Justice.    A minor alone cannot get you a job in the field of Psychology.    Even a person w (MORE)

What are transnational minorities?

transnational minorities are groups of people or communities with shared cultural attributes a distinct language and culture and a collective conciosness and history, but with (MORE)

What are a major and a minor?

Given the categories this is in, I'll assume you're referring to music. A major scale follows the progression whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, whole (MORE)

What is a minor game?

A minor game is one that is not extremely valued in the society  they are in. These games include bad-mitten for example.
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What is a minority government?

A Government that is formed when no single party has won a majority of seats. Generally 'minority government' refers to an executive branch that does not wield majority power (MORE)

What is minority dialect?

Sometimes members of a particular minority ethnic group have their own variety which they use as a marker of identity, usually alongside a standard variety. This is called a m (MORE)

What are minor vices?

Vices are defined as wicked or immoral personal characteristics.  Minor vices are behaviors such as smoking, drinking, and cursing.  Minor vices typically are the ones that (MORE)

What can you do with a minor in business?

If you minor in business, you should be able to go into management  or business administration. You can also begin many entry level  business and marketing type of jobs. Som (MORE)

What is a Minor Edit?

Sometimes you go into an answer just to fix the spelling or make a small change and you don't add any important new information. When you do that, you should put a check mark (MORE)