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Where is marthas vineyard?

Its' the first island of the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts right next to Nantucket. I go there every summer. Answer II Martha's Vineyard is an island in Massachusetts, (MORE)

Are there rattlesnakes in Martha's Vineyard?

No there are no Rattlesnakes on Martha's Vineyard. However there are Rattlesnakes in Massachusetts. They are called Timber Rattlesnakes and they are found in the Blue Hills Re (MORE)

What do vineyards look like?

Vineyards have rows and rows of grape vines. These are supported by  wooden structures to hold them off the ground. There will be a  building with equipment used to process (MORE)
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What are Vineyard Vines?

Grapes grow on grapevines in a vineyard and are used to make wine.  Vineyard Vines is also the name of a clothing company that was  founded on Martha's Vineyard.