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What is a vintage motorcycle?

A vintage motorcycle is a motorcycle produced before a certain year. Motorcycles produced in the 1970's and years previous are considered "vintage". The best IMO are vintage B (MORE)

What is vintage clothing?

The term "Vintage" is used to define clothingor any items between 20 and 100 years old that is also clearly thesymbol of the era in which it was manufactured and should strong (MORE)

How old is vintage?

People normally reckon anything older than 25-30 years old. Vintage now probably dates back 1980's and before. Anything 1920s-1980s is usually classed as 'vintage', 1920s (MORE)
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What is vintage jewelry?

Estate jewelry is a term used to describe previously ownedjewelry. This jewelry is usually acquired from estates or jewelrythat has been sold and is often antique or vintage i (MORE)

What is a vintage car?

A vintage car is an old car generally made between the years 1920and 1930. Other old car classifications include Veteran cars (pre-1890),Antique cars (pre-1920) and Classic c (MORE)
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What is vintage and retro?

- 'Retro' is a contemporary design that is inspired by a product from the past. - 'Vintage' is a product that was made in the past. Examples: - If a shop is selling (MORE)

Where can you get vintage jumpers?

So vintage jumpers are in right now and me and my best friend have decided we are going to buy them as a joke seeing as it is now summer in Australia. The only problem is we h (MORE)
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How old are 'vintage'?

as far as wine is concerned it is the year or place in which wine, of high quality, was produced, Made from a high quality crop from a single identified district in a good yea (MORE)