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What does vintage mean?

Answer: Vintage is both a noun and an adjective. As a noun it means "wine from a paricular year or crop". As an adjective it refers to things from a certain era, especially o (MORE)

How do you dress vintage?

Research clothing styles for the 'date' you are interested in wearing. Online auctions are a good place to research. Go to your library and order books about Vintage/antique j (MORE)
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What is vintage jewelry?

Estate jewelry is a term used to describe previously ownedjewelry. This jewelry is usually acquired from estates or jewelrythat has been sold and is often antique or vintage i (MORE)
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When is an item vintage?

Vintage is basically just an old item. If, however, it is labelled vintage, people are more likely to pay more for it.
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What year is vintage?

a particularly good and successful year eg. 2003 was not a vintage year for the movies

Where can you get vintage jumpers?

So vintage jumpers are in right now and me and my best friend have decided we are going to buy them as a joke seeing as it is now summer in Australia. The only problem is we h (MORE)
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How old are 'vintage'?

as far as wine is concerned it is the year or place in which wine, of high quality, was produced, Made from a high quality crop from a single identified district in a good yea (MORE)

What is a vintage wine?

A vintage wine is one where all the grapes crushed to go into that wine come from one single season. A vintage wine is indicated by the year being quoted on the label ( i.e "2 (MORE)

What is vintage Nike?

Vintage Nike is Nike clothing or shoes that is no longer considered modern. As it is currently 2013, most would consider any Nike item from the 1980s or earlier to be vintage (MORE)