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What is a strap line?

A strap line is a short catchy sentence that represents a business, project or concept. It is a way of expressing something of what you do: what benefits you give your custome (MORE)

What is a jock strap?

Well, jocks wear them. (athletes) The correct term is athletic supporter. They have an elastic sack with elastic straps to hold them in place. They support a man's testicles - (MORE)

Where can you buy replacement vinyl straps for pool chairs?

Answer has replacement vinyl straps (webbing) for pool and patio furniture -- cut to size, by the foot, or bulk (by the 200') roll. Contact Pa (MORE)
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What is a Jill strap?

a jill strap protects the lower belly and pelvic bone. It is the equivalent of a male's cup. (jock strap) jock strap is A garment made of stretchy cotton intended primari (MORE)
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What is strapping chart?

A tabular record of tank volume versus height so that taped (strapped) measurements of liquid depth can be converted into liquid volumes. Also known as gaging table
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What is vinyl?

Vinyl is a synthetic resin material. It can be made strong enough  for home siding, or thin and pliable enough for car seats and tops.
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What are vinyl banners?

Vinyl banners are a popular media for outdoor marketing. Their popularity comes from the truth that they are inexpensive, simple to make and reach a large number of prospects (MORE)

What is a bra strap?

A bra strap is the part of the bra that goes over the shoulders. It's in the same place as the straps of a tank top.
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