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What vibrates on a viola?

The viola works in the same way a violin does. When the bow is run across a string the rosin (solid tree resin, applied to the bow before playing to create friction) "grabs" t (MORE)

What is viola?

Viola is a stringed instrument that is often found in an orchestra.  While looking similar (Identical to most) to the violin, they are  indeed different. Viola has the strin (MORE)

How big is a viola?

Violas are typically between fifteen and eighteen inches. However, there are smaller violas for children who are learning the instrument. Which size a person chooses all depen (MORE)

Can-can notes for viola?

D-D-E-G-F-E-A-A-A-B-F-G-E-E-E-G-F-E-D-*D*- C-B-A-G-F-E-D-D-E-F-G-E-A-A-A-B-F-E-D-D-D-E-G-F-E-D-A-B-F-D-D ( Remember, regular 'D' is the open string, '*D*' is three fingers on (MORE)
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Is viola capitalized?

When referring to a musical instrument, the word 'viola' does not need to be capitalised.. Sometimes, it is a person's name, in which case it would be capitalised.
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Who was the inventor of the viola?

what was said before was a lie. the viola was designed by Leonardo  Da Vinci his idea simply started out as a drawing in the note book  and later became a wonderfule sounded (MORE)

What are facts about the viola?

The Viola can also be called the third violin and it is the biggest violin of all. It has the C string, G string, D string and A string.This is an instrument that is played i (MORE)

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