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Worlds smallest violen mean?

a violen is went you sing and you use that for it could give you cool song
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How do you change pitch on a violen?

There are two ways to change the pitch of the violin: 1. The pegs on the violin can be turned back and forth in order to tune the violin to a specific key. The first string i ( Full Answer )
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What part of a violen vibrates?

The strings are the source for vibrations but the whole instrument vibrates to some extent when they are sounded.
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Does Justin Bieber like the violen?

Justin Bieber dose not like the violen because it is not a insterment he likes to play he only likes stuff he can really sing too
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How do you fix a broke violen string on violen?

You buy a new string, and put it on your violin. A broken string can't be fixed. A local music store should carry violin strings. They are fairly cheap, even if you get a good ( Full Answer )
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Did Shakespeare play the violen?

No, violins had not yet been invented in Shakespeare's day. He mayhave played other musical instruments: we don't know.
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Can can on violen?

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