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How did hip hop originate?

    Answer   Hip-hop began 30 years ago in the South Bronx, a borough of New York City, a neighborhood that seemed to exemplify the bleakness of poor urban place (MORE)

Why is hip-hop called hip-hop?

The term Hip Hop was a shortened version of " hippity hoppity" a  general reference to the legendary pioneer DJ Kool Herc. " hippity  hoppity" was how the people defined the (MORE)

What is hip-hop and street dance?

Hip Hop and Street are diffrent thing to begin. But the same kind of people dance to them. In example me!!   Hip Hop   Hip Hop dance is less formal and there is many k (MORE)

When was hip hop most popular?

Hip hop was probably most populair around the late 80's till mid  90's because of the impact of tupac, eazy e, wu tang clan, house of  pain, the psycho realm, cypress hill, (MORE)

What are the main aspects of hip hop that make hip hop what it is?

The main aspects of hip hop that make the style would be passion  and expression of emotion. It is a good thing to have some skills  like technique but the only way the move (MORE)

What is the style of hip hop music?

The style of hip hop music is "rap". It was created in the South  Bronx of New York City in the 1970s. also we cannot forget about  the producers of hip hop they make music (MORE)

Is it easy to dance hip hop?

This depends on the person. Some may find it easy to hit certain beats in the music, other may fin the movements strenuous, or difficult. You just have to put your heart into (MORE)

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