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Checking oil on a virago 250?

My 2007 Virago 250 has a little circle window on the right side of the bike towards the bottom of the gear case (if you put your foot on the right peg, the little window will (MORE)

How do you change the idle on your 1982 Virago?

since it is a carburated bike it will have an adjustment screw that presses on the arm of the carb where the throttle cable is connected. with the bike running turn the screw (MORE)

Tire pressure 250 virago?

According to the Virago XV250R manual, up to 90 kg load, it's: 175 kPa (25 psi) front; 200 kPa (29 psi) rear. 90 kg and above: 200 kPa (29 psi) front; 225 kPa (32 psi) rear.
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How do you remove seat from Virago?

there should be two bolts on the front of the seat right below it, they should be an Allen key but most of the time they have ben lost and replaced with regular bolts.. after (MORE)
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What is a 'virago' defined as?

Virago is defined as a loud overbearing women. It is also defined as a women that shows heroic tendencies, and is used as part of the name as a wide variety of businesses.