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What Old Testament book prophesied the virgin birth of Jesus Christ?

There is no book of the Old Testament that stated that the Messiah was to be born of a virgin. There is a prophecy in the Book of Isaiah (specifically 7:14), that says that a (MORE)

When is Jesus birth?

Jesus mother Mary met Elizabeth at the well at sunrise . Elizabeth mother of John was six months with child. Mary just conceived through the Holy Spirit December 25th , John w (MORE)

Mary wanted to remain a virgin for God. Was she not still a virgin when she entered the kingdom of heaven. Was she not a virgin before and after the birth of Jesus?

Answer:    According to Roman Catholicism:   She was a virgin before and after the birth of Christ, for her  whole life. She had no other children. People may make (MORE)

What does it mean that Mary retains the title the Virgin Mary even after Jesus' birth?

It means that some believe she had no other children after Jesus.  Others believe that she did since they are mentioned in the Bible.    Catholic Answer:   2000 ye (MORE)

Who foretold Jesus' Virgin Birth?

The prophet, Isaiah (see Isaiah 7:14).        B: The Holy Spirit revealed to Isaiah that his prophecy pointed  forward to Jesus (John 12:41). It was not un (MORE)

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Whose curse was avoided by the virgin birth of Jesus Christ?

It is a theory, but some believe  that the virgin birth was used to avoid the curse God placed on the  bloodline of Jeconiah, due to Joseph being a decedent.  Jeconiah was (MORE)