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Is there a Life of Virginia Insurance Company?

There was a Life of Virginia insurance company, however, it was purchased by first colonly life insurance, which was then bought by GE. GE spun off it's insurance unit to an i (MORE)

Who was Virginia Dare?

Virginia Dare was the first English child to be born in the newworld. She was with the colony we call the lost colony. Legend hasit that she is the white doe that appears ever (MORE)

What happened to the colony in which Virginia dare was born?

The First English child born in America was Virginia Dare, August 18, 1587. She was born on Roanoke Island and her parents were Ananias Dare and Eleanor White, two members of (MORE)

In the movie Monsters Inc what does the company Monsters Inc do?

Monsters, Inc. is a power company that supplies power to the  monster world, but they can only get the power they need from  children's screams. That is why they scare the c (MORE)

Famous companies located in Virginia?

Verizon Business, Telos Corporation and others including the most famous or most infamous Company as it is known to the world's intlligence community. In modern history it is (MORE)

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