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What is Virtua girl Britney's real name?

Britney is also known in the industry under the names of Bridget Hunter, Briggita, Brigi, Brigit, Brigitta, Brigitte, Brigitte C, Britany, Britney, Britney Austin, Brittaney, (MORE)
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How do you perform a drop shot on virtua tennis 2009 PC?

If you play in the regular keyboard settings, you must slice your shot by pressing the 'X' button.  To perform a good dropshot, make sure you are placed good and press the DO (MORE)
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What is a court pass used for in virtua tennis 2009?

you buy a court pass to unlock them in the exhibition mode, i don't think they have any impact in the career mode.
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What to do before a race?

Before a race you need to warm up really good to get your muscles warm cause if you dont warm up its a possibility that you might cramp up during your event. warm-up means you (MORE)

What race is Jesus?

He was a Jew, based off what most people say. But based off the desriptions in the bible he is said to be African American.
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What is race?

A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically testing and classifying them. example, cocasian, asian, african, hi (MORE)
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What race is the pope?

Pope Benedict XV1, born 16th April 1927, Bavaria, Germany . Most Popes have been Italian. There was one English Pope, Nicholas Breakspear. One day there might be a black Pop (MORE)

What race were the serfs?

There was no special race of serfs. In the event of a recent takeover by outsiders, the serfs where of whatever the previous group had been. For example, after the Normans too (MORE)

What are the races on Earth?

Some say all the species on the planet count as their own race, and since that would be to many to write down on here I will just go on to the next possibility. Other people (MORE)