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Is virtua tennis 2009 slow on PC?

Yes, there is a glitch with the game. The graphics and sound work perfectly, but the game plays as if it's in slow motion.
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What is Virtua girl Britney's real name?

Britney is also known in the industry under the names of Bridget Hunter, Briggita, Brigi, Brigit, Brigitta, Brigitte, Brigitte C, Britany, Britney, Britney Austin, Brittaney, (MORE)
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How do you perform a drop shot on virtua tennis 2009 PC?

If you play in the regular keyboard settings, you must slice your shot by pressing the 'X' button.  To perform a good dropshot, make sure you are placed good and press the DO (MORE)
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What is a court pass used for in virtua tennis 2009?

you buy a court pass to unlock them in the exhibition mode, i don't think they have any impact in the career mode.
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What is a race?

There are numerous potential answers to this question. A race can be a competition between two individuals or things. A race can be the ancestral or special origins of an indi (MORE)

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What is race?

A local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group by genetically testing and classifying them. example, cocasian, asian, african, hi (MORE)
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Where can you watch Virtua Fighter episode 25 English dub?

there is no dubbed episode 25. Media Blasters dropped the series after the 24th episode they dubbed.
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How do you register Virtua girl 2 for free?

You can do it by utilizing techniques that are widely available on the Internet yet are unethical and illegal. No one will post this answer here.
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the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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