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What is virtual memory?

When dealing with computers, there are typically two types of memory.. "Real" or "physical" memory is the same thing as RAM. They usually come as cards that you can install i (MORE)

What is virtualization?

Virtualization means creation of virtual things like virtual storage device, server or network resources. Storage virtualization is done by pooling of different physical stora (MORE)

What is a virtual actuary?

A virtual actuary is an outsourced consultant. He works with the client via telephone and computer. He is significantly cheaper than an in-house consultant because he does not (MORE)

What is Virtual function and virtual class?

A virtual class allows children classes to inherit multiple classes that all share a common ancestor. Without this property, the child class would contain multiple copies of t (MORE)

What is a virtual company and a virtual office?

Two or more virtual offices refer to a virtual company. Virtual office is a communication system which has auto attendant that handle calls, phone system that enable to connec (MORE)

What are virtuals?

These are the tools used in cloud computing. Cloud Computing Services taught me these facts. SOURCE:
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What is virtual application?

A virtual application is an application that has been optimized torun on virtual infrastructure. The application software along withjust enough operating system (JeOS or "juic (MORE)
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What is virtual communicationas?

A virtual communications is a type of communication that takes advantage of the internet as its platform for transmitting or broadcasting voice and other data. One type of vir (MORE)
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Why do you get a virtual image?

In case of a concave lens the only possibility is that when parallel rays make an entry then they have to diverge. NO diverging rays can form a real image on a screen as they (MORE)

What is virtual memory or virtual RAM?

Virtual memory is software representation of RAM. New OSes do not allow direct access to RAM instead they create Virtual RAM. Using software, OS can always identify place i (MORE)