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What is feminine virtue?

Virtue, in any person, is the quality of being morally good and upright, it is the moral and psychological strength of a person, it is also a reference to chastity. Such attri (MORE)

Why is patience a virtue?

It's only perspective... Patience, or any reaction/behavior, without instruction or planning, unfolding into a positive event that 'one' can NOT imagine or make happen with p (MORE)
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How do you get the virtues?

Ultimately, this is the Character of Almighty God, thus it is thru Him and His Words in the Bible this gets infused into us daily as we read, study, meditate on His Words and (MORE)

What are sins and virtues?

Sins are every act which God does not approve of, first of all. Sins are always unhealthy, and lead to destruction. Sins cause harm to the doer and sometimes to others, as we (MORE)

When is virtue not pleasant?

Things considered to be virtues usually clash with modern-day economics. For example honesty clashes with confidentiality of secrets of the trade, Kindness clashes with p (MORE)

What is the oosite of virtue?

Having a virtue is a positive moral or trait. The opposite of that is having negative morals, or traits. An oocyte is a female germ cell involved in reproduction. The virtue (MORE)

What is a virtue on believing?

In my opinion to the question on the virtue on believing, I wouldsay that the virtue is faith. Faith is the substance of what we doNOT see, therefore, we believe only because (MORE)