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If virus will infect other virus?

nope, that really isn't possible as virus are acellular organisms and in order to reproduce themselves, they need a host cell. some of those virus contain genetic information, (MORE)
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What does virus do to people?

A virus lowers your bodies immune system and can lead to flu like symptoms such as chronic pain in the muscles, joints and other areas of the body. It can also upset you diges (MORE)

Why is a computer virus called a virus?

Because it makes the computer "sick" and not working right. And computer viruses spread, so it's like another word for saying a computer is "sick" and not working right. Virus (MORE)
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What is computer virus and how remove the virus?

A Computer Virus is a type of malware or malicious software. Malicious sofware are created to server specific purpose where its creator benefits from and to the detriment of t (MORE)

What is an virus?

  A virus is a particle that is not defined as being alive, that goes inside you and attacks your cells, and inserts their DNA into your cell, so that your cell makes more (MORE)
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Why virus is called virus?

Viruses are called viruses because, like real-world viruses (e.g., influenza and so on), they 'infect' a computer and often spread throughout it by making copies of themselves (MORE)

If you delete the virus what happen the virus?

When you delete a virus from your system, it usually cannot run anymore because it's removed from the system. In some cases, the virus will have several files running at once, (MORE)

If I email someone who has a virus will I get that virus?

Emailing someone who has a virus or other type of malware is not enough to be infected yourself, though it might lead to being infected later, or you could have already been i (MORE)

How do you get rid of the virus protector virus?

If the virus protector virus is imitating spyware but has not disabled your actual program, open your spyware and run a virus scan. This should find the virus or viruses on yo (MORE)