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What is a virus?

A virus is an obligate intracellular parasitic acellularmicroorganism, consisting of protein coat and nucleic acid DNA orRNA and may be enveloped or not. It is a particle that (MORE)
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What does a virus do?

All viruses thrive on killing cells, and the only common pointof functions of all viruses is killing protists, fungi, bacteria oreven other viruses. . A virus injects it's ow (MORE)
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What can a virus do?

Guess the alternatives: A)Eat you. B)Take a dump in your bed C) Destroy your computer D) Horse! ¡ǝsɹoɥ(p :ɹǝʍsu (MORE)
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Where can you get a virus?

Viruses are found all the time on the internet, but if you have a powerful anti-virus like Norton 360 then it will scan the internet page and say it displays nosecure items an (MORE)
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What is a virus can?

Signs of being infected with virus on computer: slow performance unable to launch programs etc. The best course of action is to have the infection removed as soon as po (MORE)
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What does a virus have?

a virus includes a script which overwrites your computers needed files. This can be your operating system, a startup file (e.g: a hive file) or many more sutem files.
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What to do when you get a virus?

If your computer effected by virus and if u don't of have any data in OS installed drive then just format it and then immediately install updated Anti- virus and scan whole co (MORE)
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What do virus do?

Some are not too harmful, but most can really do some damage to your PC.
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What does a virus has?

a virus has a corrupted program or file which when enters your computer will cause damage
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Do I have the virus?

The only way to know if you have a virus is to visit with yourdoctor.