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Viscosity of a liquid?

viscosity is one of the properties of liquids ans is associated with flow of water. . defination: viscosity is defined as the force of friction between two layers of liquids (MORE)

How can viscosity change?

It changes by rising temperatures and lowering temperatures. Higher temperature= Less viscosity (resistance) Lower temperature= More viscosity (resistance)

Does molasses have viscosity?

Yes, molasses has viscosity. The thicker the liquid, the higher the viscosity. Therefore, molasses being a very thick liquid, it will have a very high viscosity. .

What causes viscosity?

Viscosity is attributed to the cohesion of a liquid. Cohesion is the attraction between like molecules. This attraction comes from the type of bonds the molecule has. The thre (MORE)

What is viscosity?

Viscosity is the state of being sticky, semi fluid in consistencyand thick because of the internal friction.