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What is viscose made from?

Dissolving pulp from wood or cotton fibres is treated with sodium hydroxide, then mixed with carbon disulfide to form cellulose xanthate, which is dissolved in more sodium hyd (MORE)

What is viscose made of?

Viscose derives its name from the viscous liquid. The material is neither truly natural nor truly synthetic, it falls somewhere in between. The raw material for viscose is cel (MORE)

What is viscosity of plastic?

    Resistance to flow in excess of the yield value in a plastic material. Plastic viscosity (U) is proportional to the (shearing stress-yield value) rate of shear. Th (MORE)

What is viscosity of kerosene?

Taking fresh water as a comparison at 60F the viscosity is 1.13. That of kerosene at 68F is 2.71
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What is the viscosity of HSD?

HSD is normally used as a fuel for high speed diesel engines operating above 750 r.p.m. i.e. buses, lorries, generating sets, locomotive, pumping sets etc. Gas Turbines requir (MORE)
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What is intrinsic viscosity?

Intrinsic viscosity is s a measure of a solute's contribution to  the viscosity of a solution. It is one of the primary measurements  in polymer science.
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What is viscosity?

Viscosity is the state of being sticky, semi fluid in consistency  and thick because of the internal friction.