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Is Buddha Vishnu?

Yes, he was actually the reincarnation of visnu. buddha is the 9th incarnation of lord vishnu. which comes after Krishna avtar and before kalki avtar, which is still to come (MORE)

What are the avatars of vishnu?

Vishnu, the head god in Hinduism, has 10 different avatars or  incarnations. they are: 1. Matsya the fish 2. Kachyup/Kurma the  tortoise 3. Varaha the boar 4. Narasimna the (MORE)

What are vishnu avatars?

Vishnu is a Hindu God. He is the protector/preserver of the universe and its creations. Legend says that as bad continues to grow on earth, Vishnu will appear in different for (MORE)

When was Vishnu born?

Unlike Lord Shiva who is considered to be an incarnation of Rudra  (Supreme Power, Supreme God, Energy), Vishnu is thought to have  been produced by Shiva. Nobody knows as t (MORE)

Who are Brahma and Vishnu and Shiva?

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the central three of the Hindu gods. 1. Brahma - Creator 2. Vishnu - Preserver 3. Shiva - Destroyer The three gods are together known as Tri (MORE)

Who is Vishnu?

For most Hindus, Vishnu is the Supreme God. He is the preserver of the Universe and comes down to earth in different forms. So far he has been down nine times and they say tha (MORE)

What is Vishnu the God of?

Vishnu is the supreme God in the tradition of Hinduism Vishnu is the Observer and Preserver in the tradition of Hinduism
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Where is Vishnu temple with water flows in the navel of Vishnu?

The temple of Lord Vishnu is in Triyugi Narayan, a remote village around 12 KM from Son-prayag on way to Keadarnath in Uttarakhand, India. This temple has a yagyashala where t (MORE)