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Who is Vishnu?

For most Hindus, Vishnu is the Supreme God. He is the preserver of the Universe and comes down to earth in different forms. So far he has been down nine times and they say tha (MORE)

Who was vishnu?

He is the Hindu god of perseverance. That is right, and for most hindus, the Supreme God.

Who is the god Vishnu?

The god Vishnu is the god of preserving he is very kind to man kind and often visits earth he is also one of the most powerful gods

Why was Vishnu a hero?

Hindu consider him as the preserver of the universe, a loving and forgiving figure who brings salvation.

Who is Vishnu related to?

Vishnu is one of the diety from trinity or tridev the other two are Brahamma, and Shiva they are known as Vishnu is upkarak (protector) Brahama is Utpatik (generator) (MORE)

Why does Vishnu have avatars?

he has avatars so that he can protect the good and destroy the evil so each time evil happens he has a new incarnation of an avatar so they can destroy the evil.

What does Vishnu do for a living?

Vishnu is a registered hypnotist in Ireland, he often charges people three hours of meditation and the burning of sage grass as an offering of gratitude for his deep level rel (MORE)

What are facts on Vishnu?

Preserver of the universe, a loving and forgiving figure who brings salvation. Four arms in which he holds a conch shell, a discus, a lotus and a mace. His vehicle is a divine (MORE)

Is vishnu intelligent?

Well yes , Because he's considered the Biggest god , so you can say he sure is witty! If you aren't aware of it , he took almost 9 avatars (Not the movie or the anime of cou (MORE)

What does vishnu wearing?

One of the many names of Vishnu is Peetamber. Peetamber stands for - the one who wears 'Peet' (Yellow) 'Amber' (Cloth).