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Who is Vishnu?

For most Hindus, Vishnu is the Supreme God. He is the preserver of the Universe and comes down to earth in different forms. So far he has been down nine times and they say tha (MORE)

Is Buddha Vishnu?

Yes, he was actually the reincarnation of visnu. buddha is the 9th incarnation of lord vishnu. which comes after Krishna avtar and before kalki avtar, which is still to come (MORE)

Incarnations of vishnu?

There are ten avatars of Vishnu (dashavatara) commonly considered as the most prominent #1 Matsya, the fish. #2 Kurma, the turtle. #3 Varaha, the boar. #4 Narasimha, the Man-L (MORE)

Who was vishnu?

He is the Hindu god of perseverance. That is right, and for most hindus, the Supreme God.
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What are vishnu avatars?

Vishnu is a Hindu God. He is the protector/preserver of the universe and its creations. Legend says that as bad continues to grow on earth, Vishnu will appear in different for (MORE)

What does Vishnu ride?

The vehicle of Vishnu is the Garuda eagle, the king of the birds. Empowered with the courage and speed to spread the knowledge of the Vedas, Garuda is an assurance of fearless (MORE)

Who is the father of Vishnu?

Hi my name is prasanth ganeshbabu. To this question it is goddesses  gayathri    THE FATHER OF VISHNU   Hindus who believe that Vishnu is the supreme Hindu god con (MORE)

Who is Vishnu the god?

is one of the principal Hindu Gods, worshiped as the protector and preserver of the world and restorer of dharma
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What are Vishnu and shiva?

In Hindu mythology Lord Brahma is the creator, Lord Vishnu maintains the world and Lord Shiva is the destroyer. Together they are known as the 'Trimurti'.
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