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What does the Hindu God Vishnu look like?

He has a blue complexion (like the night sky, or rain-bearing cloud)   He has lotus shaped eyes and the colour is like honey.   He has a slim long neck and broad shoul (MORE)

What are the avatars of vishnu?

Vishnu, the head god in Hinduism, has 10 different avatars or  incarnations. they are: 1. Matsya the fish 2. Kachyup/Kurma the  tortoise 3. Varaha the boar 4. Narasimna the (MORE)
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Is Vishnu or Krishna a greater god?

Krishna is an incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu. Although in the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjun to regard him as the most transcendental being, he is talking on behalf of Vis (MORE)

What are the forms of Maha vishnu?

It is believed that Maha Vishnu would have ten such Avatars (forms), the most popular being Rama and Krishna. The full list of ten Avatars is as follows: 1. The fish Matsya (MORE)

When was Vishnu born?

Unlike Lord Shiva who is considered to be an incarnation of Rudra  (Supreme Power, Supreme God, Energy), Vishnu is thought to have  been produced by Shiva. Nobody knows as t (MORE)

Is Vishnu a girl or boy?

Vishnu is a wonderful, kind and caring god and she also is very powerful woman. and she is part of the tritum.
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Who kicked Mata Lakshmi in front of god Vishnu?

Kicking Vishnu is kicking Lakshmi   Whenever Vishnu returned to Vaikuntha, tired after his battles with  demons, Lakshmi would invigorate him with her affectionate touch (MORE)

Where is Vishnu temple with water flows in the navel of Vishnu?

The temple of Lord Vishnu is in Triyugi Narayan, a remote village around 12 KM from Son-prayag on way to Keadarnath in Uttarakhand, India. This temple has a yagyashala where t (MORE)

Does Lord Vishnu has hypothermia?

This is a joke (and not in good taste). Vishnu is a major Hindu deity, and in Hindu art he is depicted as having blue skin. This is a divine attribute, not an indication that (MORE)