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What is a vision?

A vision is a thought that continues for a long period of time. It usually consists in imagining being somwhere or doing something. For example, if somebody always wanted to (MORE)

What are celestial objects?

The stars , the moon , the planet, the sun, and many other objects in the sky are called celestial objects.   If you double-click on the word celestial you will get the def (MORE)

What are celestial bodies?

The term "celestial bodies" refers to all of the objects in space that are identified by name or location: comets, asteroids, moons, rings, planets, stars, nebulas, galaxies, (MORE)

How do you have vision?

You first follow the First and most important commandment of: Love God with your whole heart, mind, spirit and soul. Then you follow through with trust, prayer, and commitment (MORE)
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What do you do when you have visions?

Opinion   Since this question has been posted in a religious category, you may be hoping that I will honour you as a modern-day prophet. But the advice you are asking for i (MORE)

How do you pronounce celestial?

Referring to the stars or space, the word celestial is pronounced in the US as (seh-LESS-chuhl), formed by the vowel combination -ia (as in special or initial). The UK pronunc (MORE)

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What is celestial hemisphere?

It half of the celestial sphere, which is an imaginary sphere with the Earth at the centre, on which all objects in the sky can have their positions described by a type of lat (MORE)

What are the celestial poles?

The north and south celestial poles are the two imaginary points in the sky where the Earth's axis of rotation, indefinitely extended, intersects the imaginary rotating sphere (MORE)