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Who has visited Saturn?

Saturn has not been visited by any humans, only by spacecrafts and probes. The person who discovered it was Galileo. No humans have gone to Saturn, the furthest travellers hav ( Full Answer )
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Is visits the present tense of visit?

Both visit and visits are present tense. . I visit . We visit . You visit . He/She/It visits . They visit
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Who visits the ka'aba?

Muslims who come for piligrimage. Muslims who come for " Omra " Muslims who come to pray in Al-Masjd Al-Haram "the name of the mosque where Al-Ka'aba is " Muslims who co ( Full Answer )
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Who can you visit on ourworld?

You can visit anybody you want, as long as they have an ourWorld account. If your friends dont have an account, you can e-mail them asking to join! Or, just tell them in real ( Full Answer )
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What do you do after you visit the dwarves?

You have to go and see Kinky the Dwarf. He will give you the Black Whip of Doom. Go back to Danielle the Dward. Bend her over the Bed of Forgiveness. And then hit her with the ( Full Answer )
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Can you visit mythbusters?

No. "We can't give tours, and are not open to the public." Jamie Hyneman via
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Is visit an adverb?

No. Visit can be a noun or a verb. An adverb tells you how a verb does something. If you "visit quickly," visit is the verb and quickly is the adverb
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What is correct you have visited or you visited?

They are both correct. They are not used in the same kinds of sentences. "You have visited" is present perfect and "you visited" is simple past tense. You would use "you ( Full Answer )