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What is vital force?

The definition of vital force is the soul, or the spirit or energythat animates a living creature. It is a hypothetical force that isindependent of chemical or physical forces ( Full Answer )
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What is vital sign?

Vital signs are your pulse rate, body temperature, blood pressure, and respiratory rate. these are things that are easily monitored and are essential to treatment.
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How do you take vitals?

taking the temperture. taking blood pressure. taking the pulse. taking the weight. taking the hith
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Does vital have any connection to vitality?

Vital and vitality both have the word for life as their root. Vital means absolutely necessary, as in no life without it. Vitality simply means filled with the life force.
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Why are vital organs vital?

Vital organs are called vital organs because you could not survive without them because your body needs them such as it needs the heart to circulate the blood around the body ( Full Answer )
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Why is gravity vital?

It depends on what you think it is vital for. For life? Almost certainly! If only because gravity is required for the formation of stars and planets.
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Why communication is vital?

Communication is the only media which helps to exchanges ideas between two individuals . that's why communication is considered as vital part in day to day life.
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What is the noun of vital?

Noun forms for the adjective vital are vitalness and vitality . Another noun form is vitals , a word for organs of the body that are essential to life, such as heart, b ( Full Answer )
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Why vital signs are vital?

Vital signs are vital because they give us information about the patient's overall health. By monitoring them over time we can see trends and see how well this patient is resp ( Full Answer )
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Why is mathematics vital?

It is not vital. Single cell creatures like a amoeba can survive without mathematics. But for higher forms of life - including many animals and birds - some form of mathematic ( Full Answer )