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How vital is water?

water is vital for any living plant of animal to live having no water for 3 days for humans leads to dehydration and death

What is vital specs?

heart rate, blood pressure, temp. they check oxygen to blood ratio also. More depends on what is happening with the person.
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What to do for abnormal vitals?

The answer depends on: . The vital sign . The direction of the abnormality (too low or too high) . The context (why is the patient in that situation?) . Your role on the h (MORE)
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Why is reproduction vital?

Without reproduction, evolution could not occur. Thus, organisms would be unable to adapt to the environment over evolutionary time. Moreover, without reproduction an organism (MORE)
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How do you increase vitality?

Vitality can be described as the overall health of a person. Ingeneral, health and vitality can be increased by a good balanceddiet and moderate exercise.
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Is vital a noun?

No the word vital is an adjective. For example: The heart is vital to surviving.

Why vital signs are vital?

Vital signs are vital because they give us information about the patient's overall health. By monitoring them over time we can see trends and see how well this patient is resp (MORE)