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What are the objectives of doing vital signs?

It is important to check for high (or low) blood pressure - as hypertension places people at risk of stroke, heart disease, and end organ damage. Also, a fast (or slow) pulse, (MORE)
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How does fever effect vital signs?

Body temperature increased due to cytokine effect that is released in response to inflammation, as a compensatory mechanism there will be a vasodilation to increase heat loss (MORE)

What are vital signs and what is their significance?

Vital signs are the measurements of pulse, blood pressure, respirations, and pupil size and reactions. They give medical personnel a basic picture of how stable a patient is a (MORE)

What are vital signs?

Vital signs are often taken by health professionals in order to assess the most basic body functions. They may offer clues to the health or condition of an individual who is b (MORE)

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What do you take when asked to do vital signs?

Clinically, when asked to take the vital signs we take the Heart Rate (measured in Beats per minure/bpm)Respiratory Rate (cycles per minutes/cpm)Temperature (fahrenheit or ce (MORE)
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When and how are vital signs measured and monitored?

Vital signs are measured and monitored during instances when a  patient is needing a check-up, when you need to update yourself  (and the doctor) of the status of the patien (MORE)