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Ad vitam aut culpam?

Literally "To life or fault", this is a Latin phrase used in Scottish law. It indicates that a position is to be held as a lifetime appointment unless misconduct occurs.
In Vietnam

Is vitame an Asian country?

Vitame is not a country at all, it is a made-up word. If perhaps the person intended Vietnam, then, yes, Vietnam is an Asian country.

What does 'Ad vitam aeternam' mean in English?

The phrase 'Ad vitam aeternam' is in Latin. The meaning in English is the following: To eternal life ; or, loosely, 'for all time', or 'forever'. The word-by-word translation (MORE)

The causes of the vitam war?

it was because of conunism and democacy. they both had diffrent views,. I presume the words meant were 'Vietnam', 'Communism', 'Democracy'.