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What if you have no vitamin d?

Short term nothing happens. Long term, you might develop symptoms and diseases such as: - rickets - osteporosis - obesity - fatigue - hyperparathyroidism - osteomalacia - ch (MORE)

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is not a true vitamin. It's a hormone that organisms have  been photosynthesizing for over 750 million years as a result of  exposure to sunlight.   Vitamin D: (MORE)

Why is vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin?

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin because sunlight helps synthesize it. Sunlight converts a compound in the skin called cholecalciferol to a vitamin D precursor called vitamin (MORE)

What is vitamin E and vitamin D?

There are two basic types of vitamin D:Ergosterol is the basic building block of vitamin D in plants.Cholesterol is the basic building block of vitamin D in humans.
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What if your vitamin is prescription vitamin D?

Natural sources of vitamin D include:[5] Fatty fish species, such as: Catfish, 85 g (3 oz) provides 425 IU (5 IU/g) Salmon, cooked, 100 g (3.5 oz) provides 360 IU (3.6 IU/ (MORE)