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How do you spell salute?

That is the correct spelling of the word "salute" (an acknowledgement, or a military courtesy).
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What is a Islamic salutation?

To a Muslim: Asalamu'alaikum - Peace be with you To non-Muslim: Asalamu'alaikum - Peace be with you or Salam - peace Scholars differ over the correct way of greeting a non-mus (MORE)

What is a salutation of a letter?

The salutation is the greeting, or beginning, of a letter. It usually is "Dear (insert person's name here),". Formal letters usually begin with "Dear Sir or Madam:". For frien (MORE)

What is a salution?

Not a word in the English language, if you mean Solution, it is the process of dissolving a solid in a fluid so that the various elements of the solid are absorbed into the fl (MORE)

Who was Vito Orlando?

Vito Orlando was an Italian leader during World War 1. He was  responsible for Italy leaving the triple alliance in 1915 after  Italy did not get the land it was promised by (MORE)

Example of a salutation?

Salutations are greetings used in letters or when you meet another  person. Salutations include bowing, shaking hands, and military  salutes. In letters, salutations start w (MORE)

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