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Is vivisection good on animals?

Vivisection is an extremely cruel act on animals in testing labs. It mostly involves the suffering and brutal tests while completely concious, no painkillers will be given and ( Full Answer )
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What is vivisection?

Vivisection is defined as the dissection of living animals for experimental purposes. That definition has recently been broadened to include any experimentation on a living an ( Full Answer )
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What are arguments for vivisection?

Here are a few doctors who do not agree that "Vivisection is a safer alternative to human testing.' Species difference makes it impossible for medicine for one species to b ( Full Answer )
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What does the word vivisection mean?

The term "vivisection" (from the Latin vivi , for "live") means the dissection or study of a live organism, usually for scientific research. Killing animals in this way is op ( Full Answer )
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What are good points about vivisection?

development of vaccines . assures that products are safe to use . educates and improves our understanding how the organs function . development of medicines for human su ( Full Answer )
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What do christians think about vivisection?

they think it is wrong because animals have the same rite as humans Some would dislike the idea others would support it. Though there are laws in certain countries to protect ( Full Answer )
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Is vivisection legal?

Of course not! It's not even legal to disect humans/cats/dogs without clearence let alone vivisect.