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What is a Vizier?

a vizier is a high official in certain Muslim countries and caliphates, esp. a minister of state
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What is an Egyptian vizier?

Vizier or Vezir is someone with the political or/ and the religious authority to handle political/ religious issues second only to the Head of state or the religion like Chali ( Full Answer )
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What was a Vizier in Egypt?

In Ancient Egypt, the highest official to serve the pharaoh or kingwas the vizier. The vizier was appointed by the pharaoh, and wassometimes a member of the pharaoh's own fami ( Full Answer )
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What did a vizier do?

The vizier was the right hand man of an Egyptian pharaoh. They hadmany jobs to do and were regarded as the most important governmentworker.
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Who is Apsu's vizier?

Mummu, whose name means 'the one who has awoken,' is Apsu's vizier.Mummu is a deity of Mesopotamian origin, and appears in a creationmyth.
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What was the job of a vizier?

Helped the Head of State run the every day issues of the State like today's ministers. The viziers made sure that the pharaohs commands were told to villages etc. They ( Full Answer )
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What did viziers eat?

A vizier is a high official office. They eat whatever people in their country would eat, only they'd be able to afford especially nice food instead of just ordinary food.
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What shelter do the viziers use?

The Vizers used large, ancient buildings as shelters. Vizers were next in line to the king which made them the highest noblemen and they were appointed by the king.
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Why were there viziers?

In Ancient Egypt, there were people who held the title of Vizier. They were the highest official in the country and their sole purpose was to serve the kings and pharoahs.
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Was it fun to be a vizier?

It would be very beneficial to be a Vizier. Being a Vizier would be fun because the Vizier was the highest official in Ancient Egypt. The Vizier served the king and pharaoh.