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How old is Vladimir Tod?

1st book: 13 2nd book:14 3rd book: 15 4th book:16 5th book: 17 you know i keep loling at these answers i fix, the first book is 8th grade... how old are most 8th grad (MORE)

Who is Vladimir Andriasian?

1977 Born in the USSR 1992 Immigrated to the United States 1995 Graduated from Glendale High School 1996-98 Attended L.A. Valley College, Pierce College, CSUN 1999-200 (MORE)

Why was Vladimir I Lenin important to Russia?

Vladamir Lenin was important to Russian history because he and his  Bolshevik followers were the ones who staged the October Revolution  of 1917 and overthrew the Provisiona (MORE)

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