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What are the disadvantages of vlogs?

Vlogs are open for anyone to see. this means that your identity  could get stolen. also vlogs are hot spots for paedophiles 
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Why won't YouTube push videos when there is daily vlogging for over a year and posting of HD videos but never show up in search results and barely get views?

You need to find your video on YouTube with 2 or 3 key works max,  then everyday search the same key words and play your video. Also  you need to take your YouTube html code (MORE)

What is vlog?

A vlog is a video that someone usually takes while doing things. And they just tell the viewers about what they are doing at that moment or what they are doing at that time of (MORE)

How do you get people to watch your vlogs?

You need to tackle about an interesting topic and be as detailed as you can when discussing the topic. Be straight to the point, you don't want your audience to watch a boring (MORE)