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What is vlogging?

A vlog is a video web log/ a blog but in video Blog+Video= Vlog A vlog is a video blog, or a blog in which one submits a video of themselves saying what they would normally p (MORE)

How do you make a vlog?

Vlogs are a type of journal. To do one all you need is a video camera, then you just say to the camera what you would write in a journal or diary.

How do you vlog live?

Step 1 Create a blog using any of the free blogging sites. Blogger, Wordpress and TypePad are just a few of the many options. Step 2 Create a video of your own and up (MORE)

What you need for vlog?

all you need is something to video yourself with- webcam or video camera. The only thing you reallly need is interesting stuff to talk about. you may also want some props to d (MORE)

What is vlog?

A vlog is a video that someone usually takes while doing things. And they just tell the viewers about what they are doing at that moment or what they are doing at that time of (MORE)

How do you create a vlog?

just video yourself. you can use a proper video camera or a web-cam. it isn't really about the quality of the picture-its abput what you have to say. oce you are done you migh (MORE)

How do you advertise your vlog?

A simple way to advertise your vlog would be to put up flyers on the poles of stop signs and street lights. The flyers would just have your website in big print, so it's easy (MORE)

What are the advantages of vlogs?

Vlogs as in Video logs? The advantages are: - Real time accounts as primary documents. - Gives the ability to visualize as well as listen while communicating. - Shows (MORE)

What are the advantage and disadvantage of vlog?

Here is some Advantages and disadvantages of Vlog- Video logging. Advantages * It is a cheaper way of advertisement* A way for a company to interact with it's customers* wit (MORE)