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What is an underworld river?

The River Styx is the most well known river in the Underworld. It is the river of oath. Charon has to ferry the dead souls across it so they can enter the Underworld. The rive (MORE)
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How do youthful rivers mature rivers and old rivers differ?

youthful river: erodes deeper than wider it flows quickly narrow and straight few tributaries mature river: erodes wider than deeper not steep has many tributaries old r (MORE)

How do rivers get polluted?

Rivers are polluted by people throwing oil and gas into them Rivers get polluted when the factories dump their waste into the rivers. Farmers use weedkiller to kill unnecess (MORE)

Where is the River Rhine?

The Rhine is one of the longest and most important river in Europe. It runs for over 820 miles (1,320 kilometres) from its source in the in the Swiss Alps issuing from the Rhe (MORE)

Are rivers alive?

no it isn't alive. The things inside the water is alive. Rivers are therefore not alive.
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What Is River Realignment?

It is the straightening of the river channel. This is to remove meanders and reduce the length of the river. Thus, increasing the speed of the river. When the speed of the riv (MORE)

What river is the father of all rivers?

The Father of all Rivers is known as The Mississippi River. But the Father of all rivers worldwide is the Nile.
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When can the river called a dead river?

  The Nile is not a 'dead river' however, any river would be considered a 'dead river' once it was incapable of sustaining any form of life such as fish and aquatic plant (MORE)