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When was lord elgin vocational school built in niagara falls?

Lord Elgin Vocational Institute was in operation in Niagara Falls (Ontario) from 1967 - 1989. It was a vocational school offering 2-year training programs. In 1989, vocational (MORE)
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What does vocation to the priesthood mean?

To have a vocation is to have a specific "calling" or disposition towards the religious life. This means that God has granted the soul the grace of a vocation, or the invitati (MORE)
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How do you define nursing as a vocation?

To me a vocation is something you are called to do, usually to benefit mankind. We shouldn't just be in it for the money. There are other, more remunerative professions, but n (MORE)

Is the Washington School for Secretaries a vocational School?

It was in fact a vocation type school, though the word vocation was never used in affiliation with it. The school existed to train secretaries around the world and was number (MORE)

2 What is the difference between a vocational school and a college?

In a vocational school, you study to learn a particular vocation (line or work) whether that is a plumber, electrician, welder, mechanic, etc. At a college or university, you (MORE)

What is the difference between non vocational and vocational?

Vocational means relating to or of applied educational courses that  are concerned with skills you need for a specific occupation. The  difference between vocational and non (MORE)

What is lay vocation?

They are Christians who live the life of Christ in the world.  Their role is to sanctify the created world by directing it to  become more Christian in its structures and sy (MORE)

In what ways do Christians show vocation?

Unless they are involved in full-time ministry, Christians have the  same vocations as most people. They are expected to model  Christ-like behavior in the workplace, which (MORE)

What is a religious vocation?

A religious vocation is a Job in a religious work site be it a pastor or other clergy. it can also be someone who is Considered to be in a HOLY job like overseers of Churches (MORE)