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When was lord elgin vocational school built in niagara falls?

Lord Elgin Vocational Institute was in operation in Niagara Falls (Ontario) from 1967 - 1989. It was a vocational school offering 2-year training programs. In 1989, vocational (MORE)
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What is vocational ballet?

Vocational ballet is a more intense ballet training that people wishes to become professionals take. This is why it is called 'vocational' ballet. Therefore, vocational ballet (MORE)

Is the Washington School for Secretaries a vocational School?

It was in fact a vocation type school, though the word vocation was never used in affiliation with it. The school existed to train secretaries around the world and was number (MORE)

2 What is the difference between a vocational school and a college?

In a vocational school, you study to learn a particular vocation (line or work) whether that is a plumber, electrician, welder, mechanic, etc. At a college or university, you (MORE)
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Top-rated Technical and Vocational Schools in the Phoenix Area

With so many choices, it is sometimes hard to find the right technical or vocational school in Phoenix. From cosmetology to heating and refrigeration to mechanics, Phoenix off (MORE)

Is 15 too old to join a vocational ballet school when have just started training seriously but have an amazing talent?

1. Match the following words to the suitable definition or synonym (2 points). Concern | Tap | Jog | Sweat | Quench | Dreaded | Neighbourhood Satisfy by drinking. / W (MORE)

What is the Sacrament of vocation?

The sacraments of Vocation (or Service of the Community) are:   MarriageHoly orders    And if you would like to know the others.....    The Sacraments of Healing:  (MORE)