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What is the definition of vogue?

The prevailing fashion, practice, or style: Hoop skirts were once the vogue.  # Popular acceptance or favor; popularity: a party game no longer in vogue. See Synonyms at fash (MORE)

How many countries have vogue magazine?

  18 countries have Vogue they are Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Porugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Unit (MORE)

When was Lady Gaga in vogue?

She covered Vogue Hommes Japan in the September 2010 issue. She is also due to be the cover model of Vogue US in Spring 2011 to promote Born This Way, her new album

Is there a Dutch vogue?

Yes, there is. A friend of my wife and I (who was a exchange student we met in HS) works as a "lifestyle-type" writer for the Netherlands version of Vogue. However, we do not (MORE)