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What is the definition of vogue?

The prevailing fashion, practice, or style: Hoop skirts were once the vogue. . Popular acceptance or favor; popularity: a party game no longer in vogue. See Synonyms at (MORE)
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How much does a editor of vogue make?

anna wintour editor in cheif at vogue makes 2 million. but her assistant only makes 40, 000! it depends on what position you have, for what magazaine
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Who started voguing?

Voguing first started in the 1960s. It was first seen in ballroomsin Harlem. No one knows the name of the first person to Vogue.
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What is vogue?

Upscale fashion magazine that features high end clothing like Chanel and others. I love looking at the glossy ads even though I can't afford the items.
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How do you get into teen vogue?

Go to a store that sells a variety of magazines buy 1 magazine,inside you will find a couple forms to sign up its $10 for 2 years(u get 10 issues a year)& u get a free handbag (MORE)
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How do you get a internship at vogue?

Watch for internship openings on their website. Make friends with someone that works at Vogue. Apply with a great resume and then ace the interview. If you know someone though (MORE)
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What is Teen Vogue It Girl?

Its a site, that you sign up and answer surveys ect.. I signed up but its never updated and dose not have much to it
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Is there a Dutch vogue?

Yes, there is. A friend of my wife and I (who was a exchange student we met in HS) works as a "lifestyle-type" writer for the Netherlands version of Vogue. However, we do not (MORE)