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What is volatility?

  Answer     See this link for the definition of volatility. 
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What is volatile?

-adjective 1. evaporating rapidly; passing off readily in the form of vapor: Acetone is a volatile solvent. 2. tending or threatening to break out into open violence; explos (MORE)

What is volatile thread?

Threads are not volatile. The volatile is a keyword that is used while having multiple threads in a Java Program. This keyword is used when multiple threads access a partic (MORE)
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What is volatile and non-volatile storage?

Volatile is RAM and non-volatile is like a hard drive.    More specifically, "Volatile" storage will erase its contents when  power is removed, while "Non-volatile" st (MORE)
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What is volatilization?

  A process in which a dissolved sample is vapourized in atomic spectoscopy this is usually a 2 step process. The analyte is turned into small droplets in a nebulizer whic (MORE)

Define volatile and non-volatile?

Memory that loses its contents when the power is turned off. All RAM except the CMOS RAM used for the BIOS is volatile. ROM is a chip w/ prerecorded data & is nonvolatile; onc (MORE)

What is volatility in computer?

It is the level of secondary storage that retains data when power is turned off. For example: Memory is volatile if it loses its data when the power is removed.
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Is BIOS volatile or non volatile?

The BIOS is stored in non-volatile memory. The BIOS software is  built into the PC, and it is the first software run by a PC when  powered on.
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